Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula

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HOOF FORMULA contains 37% highly digestible proteins that are particularly rich in essential sulfuric amino acids such as methionine (42g / kg) and cystine (42g / kg).
HOOF FORMULA is therefore particularly suitable for high performance horses which receive a very energy-rich grain-based feed.
HOOF FORMULA is richer in biotin (500 mg / kg) and vitamin A (975000Ul / kg) than most other feed additives. Enriched with other vitamins, which are involved in the formation of a healthy hoof horn (Vit PP, Vit Bc, Vit B12).

HOOF FORMULA contains an increased concentration of calcium (117g / kg), which can be used to compensate any imbalances. The other indispensable minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus) are also included in an optimal ratio.
All these minerals can only fulfill their task if trace elements acting as cofactors are supplied in the correct concentration. For this reason, HOOF FORMULA contains the ideal amounts of copper, zinc, cobalt and iodine.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Recommended daily dose:
Per 100 kg body weight 1/4 cups 40 gr.
Young horse (6-18 months)1/4 cups40 gr.
pony 1/2 cups 80 gr.
horse 1 cup 160 gr.
= Half of the daily dose.

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